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We’re delighted to announce that the 2006 CHEESEBURGER album LAFF has now gone digital!  


LAFF features 13 lo-fi soundtracks. Twisted and awkward, easy and complex, slow and fast.  The title track is an aching feet-on-feet last dance that transports you to 50's danceathons;  "Filthole" strips bleakness down to its bones; “Another Song About Guilt and Death" has cool Spaghetti Western elements, and the slide guitar-led “Country Number” staggers around drunk in a backwater U.S. bar. Elsewhere there are moments which recall The Velvet Underground, Edith Piaff,  The Jesus and Mary Chain, with echoes of Link Wray and Dick Dale.

LAFF was recorded in Belgrade, Battle and Brighton over 18 months and produced and engineered by Sasha Jankovic, who's worked with Belle And Sebastian, The Cure and Naplam Death. The cover art - a leopard skin lily - is the work of renowned artist Matt Collishaw, best known for his video works, photography and the Saatchi 'Sensation' exhibition piece Bullet.

LAFF is available now on Spotify and iTunes! 


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LIARS KEEP ON LYING was written after taking part in an anti-austerity day of action with friends who challenged us to write a song for demonstrations / protest marches / rallies. The idea is to get you singing along and if you are by the second verse, we'd love you to download for free and forward on to friends!


Film by the fabulous Al Kerr with special thanks to Chloe Ruthven for footage from her film The OccupierS.

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